Now Testing: City street/node updates

A bunch of the streets in this area were updated 5 days ago. I’m not good enough with OSM to determine what the changes were. It’s possible that they were re-tagged in a way that would now allow them into CityStrides. Maybe on 2020-09-24 they were tagged in a way that would not allow them into CityStrides.
We’ll know after the next update.


You are right, those streets were changed only 5 days ago. I did however find another street (Kunaweg in city Haarlemmermeer) that was updates last 11 months ago. Also that street did appear in Citystrides last week (with zero nodes) and has now disappeared from Citystrides. So that should be a different issue?

Thanks again.

Is there anything I can do to get the incomplete streets into the incomplete list. Any refreshing somewhere or so?
I have started to look for them manually, but it takes forever to go through all streets. As long as the street is in the complete-list, they corresponding node don’t even show up in the node hunter, even if the street ist below 90%. So it is a real hassle to find the incompleted streets among the completed ones.

Hi James today I noticed that ther were more zero nodes streets in Amsterdam? Is that still temporarily?

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Today this city has been updated again in Citystrides. 35 ‘new’ streets appeared in the city and my completion percentage went down to 97,5% (from 100%). The old problem (zero nodes) is now also back again. Nearly all of the 35 new streets have zero-nodes. In OSM all new streets look ok to me so I cannot figure out why they look incorrect in Citystrides.

Hope these details help you to improve the import routines from OSM.
In the meantime I got 35 new streets to run, that will keep me busy…

Thank you,


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@p.gomes, I noticed the same thing. I also noticed my city (Keller) had an OSM update on 10/20/20. So I think the OSM update brought back the 0-node streets. @JamesChevalier had posted that he ran a global delete on 0-node streets, with, I presume, the knowledge that the next update will pick them back up. Looks like that happed, but they still have 0 nodes.

Meanwhile the data was updated from OSM again (on 2.11.) . Unfortunately the incomplete roads are stilll in the completed streets-list. OSM-data seems be updated correctly though.

If this cannot be changed, can you at least make the missing nodes visible in the node hunter?

Is it possible for you to share a link to a street that should be incomplete, but is marked as complete?

Hi James, I am loving the more rapid updates to incorporate OSM data. During the past few months I’ve been living in a rural area of Portugal and updating the OSM to add new streets, and it’s been a lot of fun adding this surveying element to my runs.

I am having a similar issue as others immediately mentioning above that the new roads are incorporated into CS but not marked as complete, remaining on incomplete despite all nodes completed. Here is a recent example:

Thanks as always

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Ah! :thinking: I think I just found a huge area where progress was not being recalculated.

I hope to get this updated code released today, so that the next update properly recalculates your progress.


Yeah, I have two examples, that I have found so far. I already put the links in my first post about this, but they have still the same progress. So these are the same links as above:

HI @JamesChevalier, if that helps, my city shows 1324 streets but the total of complete + incomplete is only 1281, and that number is the same for everybody in my city. Of course, different ratio of complete/incomplete, but all of us 1281 in total. Thanks! 2020-11-06_17-02-54

Thanks for posting - let’s see how the numbers change after the next update is run. We can keep an eye on that “Last updated from OSM” line to know when that happens.

Curious - where in CS does the “Last updated from OSM” appear? Signed, someone who has been furiously updating OSM this weekend.

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On the city page, right under the city name.


Hi James,
I’m new here, loving it and already addicted and trying to contribute with neatening up my area on OSM.

I was wondering if you would know if my 7500+ street city of Bradford has any nested cities in the update?
or Calderdale (as i live on the border of both

I was working on my own nested village of Queensbury, i’m not sure it’s done correctly yet, as i can’t work out how to add an admin-center which is the only thing missing from my comparison, but hopefully other Yorkshiremen have been on the case and got changes queued up before me.

Your site is amazing, thank you!

It doesn’t look like Bradford has any nested cities. It would have a tab for those, like in

Overall the update process is automatic - the system iterates through all active cities ordered by their last updated date.

Someone here in the forum might be able to help with that. Feel free to make a new post in #support “How do I add an admin-center in OSM”

Cheers James, I was speaking to someone on OSM and they were saying about how what I had added was a Ward (i believe the definition is something to do with boundaries for voting) and so I had to change the boundary type from administrative to political and the admin centre was no longer applicable.

Do you know what criteria is used to pull through and be regarded as a city (or nested city)?
I was looking at Alwoodley: which is a nested city of Leeds, and on OSM, there didn’t seem to be anything special about it that I could see that didn’t exist on other places . For example, another place on OSM is Clayton, a next door neighbour to Queensbury, and it is set up over there similar to Alwoodley, but it isn’t pulled through to City Strides as a city or nested city. There is probably some quality or attribute that one has over the other that i’m not seeing, but i can’t work it out.


From what I understand, there is no automated way that a new city (or nested city) is entered into CityStrides. The initial creation of a city is a manual process. For more information about how one gets added, check out Adding a City to OpenStreetMap.

Brilliant, i’ll get reading through it. Sorry, I was checking in support and never thought to check the wiki, but i’ll camp out there now. Thank you!