Non-English characters for state/country?

Seems that there is an issue with Woodlawn, Maryland. At least for me, the state and country are showing up as non-English characters. Google translates it as “Tbilisi Georgia”!

Columbia, Maryland seems to have the same issue, and I just noticed it appears once in my city list correctly, and once with the odd characters.

And looking at Georgia (the country) this region თბილისი (tbilisi) has 221 cities, all of which seem not to be in Georgia at all. Really weird!

I’ve been adding a lot of cities & countries over the last few days. I probably messed up somewhere along the lines.
I’ll probably just delete and recreate some/all of Georgia. :man_shrugging:

Oh, I think I see - this seems to be specifically around my adding all the Maryland census-designated places. I must have mistakenly assigned them to tbilisi instead of Maryland. :grimacing: :sweat_smile:


The non-English characters are fixed. Thanks!

But FYI I still see Columbia MD, listed twice in my city list.