Nodes where there are no Roads!

I’ve come across an issue were I have nodes remaining where the road isn’t. One road extended beyond a private access gate, and the other went off into marshland. I’ve already tried to adjust, remove, privatize, and redraw the roads. Does anyone have any other recommendations or should I be trying to get a hold of James?

Oliver Ave & Woodland Ave are the issue roads.

All the street data comes from OpenStreetMap.
If something is incorrect in CityStrides, it should be edited in

I have cities automatically updating on an ongoing basis, so it’s just a matter of time to wait for any OSM edits to come through. You can see the last updated date in the right section of the column under the city name (2024-01-12).

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Hi James,

I’ve made updates in OSM to both Oliver and Woodland Ave, back in December and more recently, between running the street and creating this post, to correct the issue. The mapbox “street” is correct though.

I’ve also deleted and redrawn Oliver Ave, so maybe that will fix it?

Over the last little while, I’ve had trouble with the servers that I query for the OSM data. The update is likely delayed due to that issue. On the positive side, I updated things to allow updates to flow through again, so I would expect that the next update will work out.

With most things around here, waiting/patience is almost always the answer over deleting/recreating/doing almost anything at all other than planning your next route. :smile: It certainly doesn’t hurt to mention any issue/oddity you notice - it could be something that requires action on my behalf … but it’s almost never anything that anyone else needs to do.
I guess what I’m saying is that the problem is usually either a delay in something or caused directly by me :rofl: :sob:

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Sounds good about wait and see, I’ll keep and eye on it and post again if needed (hopefully not).

And, No worries about OSM, I’ve noticed the streets on OSM around my areas don’t always match reality, so I’m getting a hang of making corrections.

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