Nodes showing up after changes to OpenStreetMap to remove access

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I am closing in on 100% of my city (Wichita, Ks). I have 33 streets remaining. Of those, several are just fields where streets are planned but do not yet exist. A couple are also behind a gated community. I’ve made changes on openstreets map to reflect “no access” or “private” for the roads. The last sync date for Wichita seems to be more recent than when I made the changes. And the streets visually look different on city strides, but the nodes are still there. Is there anything additionally I can do? My goal was to complete the city this month. I guess I could go run around in muddy fields… :slight_smile:

Yeah, i have done that in the past several times! :smile:

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Could you give us an example of such a street?

Here are 2 examples, Wassall St - CityStrides & Liberty Street - CityStrides

Well, looks like Wichita was updated March 2, and you did some updates for the Liberty Street on March 3, Changeset: 148152689 | OpenStreetMap so I think you just have to wait for the next update, should be like 3-6 weeks

I made updates prior, but went and tried to change it again to get it to reflect. I was hoping I would not have to wait 6 weeks… since my goals has been to finish by the end of March 2024. Looks like I’m running fields and climbing a gate… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, just do it! I’ve done some rough bush walking when I wanted to catch nodes but didn’t have the patience to wait for updates to go through (they were very long between two years ago…)

Please read up on proper OSM editing. Don’t just slap access=no on everything just to get it out of CityStrides, there are more correct ways.

If they are currently constructing the road, there is highway=construction. If the roads are only proposed, then there is proposed (whether proposed features should be included at all in OSM is a somewhat contested issue but since the roads have already been mapped with, at least for one area, a link to the county’s GIS map, it seems appropriate to keep it in).

Either way, access=no feels like a CS oriented solution and in my opinion this forum has created many a bad habit around that tag’s usage already (side note, @JamesChevalier I can’t think of any policy change on your end that can change this, but I think it is worth thinking about). Similarly, you now simply removing the highway=residential tag to maybe now get it to disappear is also not the way to go.

If you were to tag a feature entirely correctly and it is still in CityStrides while you think it should not be, then this is a CityStrides problem, not an OSM problem.

As to why it might still be in CityStrides: CS gets its information not directly from OSM servers, but instead communicates with a middleman. If that middleman has older data, then this is reflected in OSM.