Nodes outside of my boundary

Can anyone share their thoughts on this.

I’m pretty strict on myself when it comes to checking off red nodes and not using the manual adjustment feature. As per the screen shot if you can see it. The lane running from east to west through my city boundary. To the West is fare game but the string of red nodes going East is outside of the boundary. Is this instance a good example of a big manual adjustment once I’ve run to the border. Otherwise it means a 6 mile out and back for no gain.

Any thoughts appreciated.


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It might be that the street exists within another city that fully/partially overlaps with the city you’re currently viewing.

If you can figure out that street’s name, you can search for it in the incomplete/complete lists & use the ‘Show’ button to display its nodes on the map. You might see that it only shows nodes within the blue border.
In the top of the left column, if you see “Nested in [city name]” text then that’s very likely what’s happening here.
If you don’t see that text, then it might be a partially-overlapping city. You’d have to figure out which city is next to this one & search through it’s list of streets, where you might find that it has a street with all of these red nodes.


Thank you for this. I have the same problem, but I am in the middle of move, and have not tried to figure it out (yet).

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