Nodes out of pubic domain

:link: My profile link : Frank Tsang - CityStrides

Help please. I’m running Trafford, UK and some of the Coronation Street tour are listed as nodes to complete. I cannot access these without booking onto the tour! Can someone remove them please? I have had a go on open street map, but tbh, haven’t a clue what I’m doing!

Please give us a link to the street!

It’s here Rosamund Street - CityStrides

I have tried to edit on OSM, but not sure if I have done it right

I think you made it correctly for the small part joining Crimea and Mawdsley, but you missed the tunnel part just south of that. I’ve now set that to private as well

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Thank you! Do you know how long it takes from editing OSM to it being live on CityStrides? I have made a few more changes to other roads I think, but they are still showing

Approximately every two weeks. You can enable notifications to receive an email every time a desired city is updated.

  1. On Citystrides, in upper right corner, click on your profile icon

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Notifications

  4. Under City Updates sections, check the box next to each city you want to receive email notifications for