Nodes on the highway

I just noticed some nodes on the highway here:

Tried to search for some answers in here, but I am not quite used to the system yet, so wasn’t sure what was relevant. Anyway, I understand that this street should be marked as on foot ~! no somewhere, or something? But that’s how far I’ve gotten …

Hi Lenka, The changes need to be made on and that will fix your issue in Citystrides once the city gets a new update here.

It’s fairly simple to do.
Just register yourself for an account on OSM
Find the street in OSM.
Choose ‘Edit’ (towards the top of the screen) to bring up the editing panel.
Now click on the street you want to edit on the map.
In the ‘Allowed Access’ section of the edit panel, change ‘Foot’ to ‘No’
The street may be split into different sections so you may have to repeat the abovce for each section.
Then hit ‘Save’
You can enter a comment to identify the changes you made and choose whether or not you want another user to review your changes(I never do)
The changes will be saved to OSM and will hit Citystrides on the next city update.

If you check the Wiki section of this forum there’s more info on using OSM.


Thank you @tamworthslim, that was helpful! I just followed your instructions. It seems like the problem was with just one segment of the highway - the other side going in the other direction was flagged correctly.

This was my first edit on OSM - it was fun!