Nodes on Casino Hotel Service Roads in Las Vegas

Here in Las Vegas I am finding that there are a lot of nodes on hotel/casino property service roads that I’m not 100% sure how to mark so they don’t appear as something I need to walk. I thought that anything that was labeled as a service road wouldn’t show nodes that need to be covered. Help? Thanks!

‘Service roads’ are a pretty common way type. In my experience it’s a bit of a catch-all for ways that OSM users aren’t sure how to label.

Depending on your interpretation and to a greater degree to the casino’s security guards interpretation of if the road is ‘public’, you could change the access type to private or permissive. See OSM access values for more info.

The exact CityStrides Query can be seen at CityStrides Street Query - Google Sheets

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I’m not positive, but I think this is only happening on service roads that have names, which seems to be a thing on big properties like casinos and our gigantic convention center. So if a service road has a name (and aside from changing the access to private or permissive), do you think there’s any other label I should slap on there?

Yes, having a name is one of the keys too. If the service road doesn’t have a name, it won’t come into CS. So if the names on some of the service roads seem to have made up names, I’d recommend checking your city planning’s website. They usually have an official map of all city streets and names you can compare against.

Not sure I understand, why can’t you run these roads?

I’m just looking for some consistency in how service roads are labeled. Most are labeled in a way that don’t have nodes that need to be covered, but I’ve come across some (with nodes) that have no sidewalks, so I’ve labeled their access as “no” for foot traffic. And sure, I could just walk 'em however they’re labeled, but my understanding is that service roads are not included if you’re trying to walk all of the streets in a city.

CS will pick up an ordinary service road as long as it has a name. Really, the name is the most important part. There are countless unnamed service roads that do not get picked up since they are a catch-all as Marty mentioned.

There are a few ways to go about changing this:

  • Check if the name is legitimate - Local GIS data can be a great resource for looking into this.
  • Determine if the street type is correct - If the street is significant enough to have a name, oftentimes it can be changed to a different street type in OSM.
  • Change the access tag - As Marty linked above, these roads may need a private or permissive tag.

I would be hesitant to add a foot=no tag to these streets unless pedestrian traffic is explicitly prohibited. Lack of a sidewalk isn’t enough to warrant the tag in my opinion. As always, we shouldn’t make any changes to OSM just for the sake of CS. It sounds like this can be better resolved by changing the name or access type.