Nodes not hit on roads that have been run?


I went on a run today and some of the nodes have not been hit despite running the whole road. Is there any way around this other than having to actually run on the road itself (instead of the pavement)? This run was 90% new roads, so it’s weird how many of them worked fine but others say I missed spots - in particular Warwick Ave, in which I appear to have missed all of the nodes completely!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sometimes it helps just to give it some time (like an hour). You seem to have plenty of GPS points, so that is presumably not the problem. A screenshot could tell us more I think as we cannot see which nodes you completed (as far as I know).

Your progress says you have completed Warwick Ave in Waitemata (nested city). But not in Auckland (parent city). That is because there are two Warwick Ave in Auckland. If you click the Go button for Warwich Ave in Auckland you see both of them

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Here’s the screenshot

Actually, I see I was not looking at the whole picture, there are three Warwick Avenues in Auckland, the one in Waitemata that you have run, with nine nodes, the one in Waitakere Ranges, five nodes, and the last one in Otara-Papatoetoe, with five nodes. So to complete Warwick Ave for Auckland you must run all these three and 19 nodes in total

Hi Hans, thanks for getting back to me. My issue is that the Warwick Avenue that I have run, isn’t ticking off thanks to the nodes being in the middle of the street (I run on the pavement). How do I avoid this happening? see my screenshot above.

You have definitely hit the nodes on that Warwick Avenue since they are blue in your screenshot. If they were still red they wouldn’t have been hit. Here is an example of a street where I have not hit all the nodes:

Nodes are marked as hit if you’re within 25 meters of them. Unless the sidewalk is particularly far away or the street is split like in my screenshot, you should hit all the nodes just fine.

The issue here is as Hans mentioned that there are multiple Warwick Avenues in the city. The site has no way to recognize that these are completely separate streets so all 3 are lumped together. Here’s another example from London, which has 8 Market Places scattered around: Market Place - CityStrides

And as we can see in this picture you really have completed the Warwick Avenue in Waitemata

Oh! okay, that makes sense. Thanks for all the help :slight_smile: