Nodes in gated community

Came across a node that i want to catch. Problem however. it is a gated community with lack of understanding from the owners on my CityStrides Project - so one day i will ending up completing 99,99% og my town.

What to do, when that happens?

You need to edit the street in OpenStreetMap and set it to private

If you’re not tech savy, link to the street and i’m sure someone can fix it in a jiffy.


There is also the option to “Mark as manually complete”, this is on each street’s CS page.
But I concur with @hjkiddk, getting OSM updated means the maps get better for everyone.

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I just found out you also run Copenhagen, so no worries, i’m already editing the streets as i come across them :grinning:
Have already removed a lot of nodes on Nordhavn, Prøvestenen and Refshaleøen.

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my town has a few.

For one, I rolled like a log under the gate at night and got the nodes. For another, I got lucky and followed in a team of people spreading mulch.

I am against manually marking something complete. I think a true citystrider has both perseverance and luck!!!


I have gone a few places i probably shouldn’t have.
But some places are just off limits.

Had a large gated industrial area i had to change to private in OSM.
I was not gonna trespass that one for sure.


I second that. Any sensible person doesn’t go onto private properties. If CS has nodes there, it’s openstreetmap. Adjust the streets with the nodes to private and next update those nodes are gone in CS.

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i agree. Prøvestensbroen i decided to manual finish, for several reasons - but mostly because trespassing in that area is illegal, severe restricted and damn right dangerous.

i do not agree. Private property is private property for a reason. Just because i WANT something that it is on someones property it is not my decision, but the property owner.