Nodehunter: show street(s) when clicking node

I use the node hunter feature to see which areas I want to run next. But I find that I often wonder whether a node is part of a non-runnable “street”, or of a real street, and what other nodes are part of that street.

So I think it would be cool if on clicking on a node will show which street this node is part of. I guess it could be multiple streets? Also, if the other nodes could change colour that would be really helpful.

I lost track of this one, but I do believe it has since been added. You can click on nodes to get a popup that includes the street name, city name, and node count for the street. The street & city name both link out to their respective pages.

If a clicked node applies to multiple streets, they will all be listed in the popup.

I’m still looking into the possibility of adjusting the colors of other nodes on the same street.