Node removal on public works street

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There’s a street in United States/Utah/Bluffdale Jordan Basin Lane when I looked on open street maps it shows a crossed out equal sign =/= the area is for South Valley sewer district and is restricted. I’m not familiar with OSM but there are nodes along the street in City Strides

Apologies for improper formatting or missing information. I’m new to City Strides and this is my first time posting.

For anyone who can help out: Jordan Basin Lane - CityStrides

Changed road to private access. Should be corrected with next city update.

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It’s interesting that ten people have completed this street, the most recent one in 2021. I wonder if they ran/walked along the fence at the trailhead to reach that street. Is it me or does it look like there’s an access point to that road at its eastern end, where the trail crosses the road to reach the Jordan River?

So you can access a section of it from JRT but there are signs all over the place saying private property and to stay on the trail and other warnings. The south east end of the road connects to the highway and is gated further down so there is no public vehicle access. One of the gates was opened so I did walk part of it but a worker drove by and started to yell at me for trespassing and I played dumb and told him I was trying to do a city street challenge and acted confused about the access :grimacing: but I also didn’t want to get fined either


Better view of the trail along side it. I thought about trying to stay along the fence but it gets pretty messy and I had already taken pictures of the area so I didn’t want the worker to think I was doing something sketchy since he had already given me a talk about it being restricted for safety because it’s a water treatment plant and people attacking the facility.