No update lifemap

Dear @JamesChevalier,

I noticed that when I sync multiple activities at once from my Garmin then the last activity doesn’t show on my lifemap.
Here’s an example:

The activity tallied without issues into my streets count, but no show on lifemap.

I have seen this happen several times and usually I fix it by deleting the activity and re-syncing from Strava.
I’m not sure if it’s always the last or the second activity giving the issue. I assume the last activity.
I’m not sure if it happens every time when I have more then one activities.I think so.

I haven’t fixed it this time for I think you might be interested in it.

I think it’s the last activity in situations where there’s more than one.

I’m thinking that the job that generates the LifeMap sees that another job is already running & exits early … but the other job started before the last activity arrived & therefore doesn’t know about it. If I’m right, then I would suspect that there could be cases where multiple activities don’t make it into the LifeMap.

Overall, this will be resolved with your next saved activity - that LifeMap rebuild will see them all and include them in the map. I’ll look into how I can resolve this in the code, though.

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Okay, makes sense. thanks!