No Chassell, MI?

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Why is Chassell, MI not included as a town? That is my hometown and I am not able to see what my progress is for it. Technically it is a village but there are other small towns in the area that are included.

Is this it? Relation: ‪Chassell Township‬ (‪10342805‬) | OpenStreetMap

It was probably skipped over because most cities in the US are tagged admin_level = 8 and this one is tagged as 7. If this is it, I can add it for you.

Update: Coming in now - Chassell, Michigan - CityStrides - it’ll take a while to be processed because I took the opportunity to add a few cities that were recently requested.

Yes, that is it. Thank you!

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Are Michigan townships not brought in to CityStrides?

This doesn’t really have a yes/no answer, and can get a bit technical.

All of the US was originally brought in from OpenStreetMap based on the Relation record having the admin_level tag value of 8 … So anything that wasn’t tagged that way was not brought in.

I’ve noticed many townships tagged 7 and many others not tagged this way at all (though I may be conflating CDP areas).

Ultimately, if you can’t find a city in the Cities page (linked from the top left menu) then you can search to see if it exists as a relation/way record. If it does, then I can likely get it added to CityStrides.
I keep a Missing/Broken Cities Tracker document in Google docs for people to request missing cities.