Newly added cities have missing progress

Hi James-

Not missing any recent runs, but I noticed Charlottesville, VA is back in CityStrides. When I opened up the city page it was blank in terms of my progress i.e. it looked like I had never run it. Before the update I was somewhere close to 30%. My Lifemap shows that I have run it. Any way to get the two to match up?


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Yeah, I’m working on that … turns out the method I had in place totally hosed my servers overnight with memory usage :flushed: so I have to re-think my approach. It’ll eventually work out, though. :+1:


I have the same situation with Stratford CT. Glad to know I’m not alone.

Charlottesville, VA is fixed! And just in time for my trip down next week. Thanks @JamesChevalier!

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Hi James,
I noticed a jump (15,000?) in the number of cities at the end of February (on 22nd or 23rd). That’s great news.

Do you have a strategy to re-process the activities that took place in those cities? I have some activities concerned, and I know at least one user whose hometown has just been added (he is still at 0% in spite of numerous runs there).

Since you store the activities locally when syncing, I hope you are independent from Strava for this update.

Thanks in advance for updates (news and processing).

Yeah, after I import the city I run some more code that should update everyone’s progress in that area.

Looks like you’re Denis Bafounta - CityStrides … Can you share a link to a city that looks incorrectly calculate for you? Perhaps also a link to an activity that seems unprocessed?

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Thanks for fixing my account today. I think more accounts need an update (not 100% sure though). I send you an example in a PN.

I too have this issue. I’ve been running streets in Southampton UK which has recently been added. I have several completed streets since then but the purple lines before it was added aren’t showing as completed streets.

@JamesChevalier noticed Parkville (added recently, happens to be close to me) has 0 streets right now. Let me know if it’s an OSM issue that needs fixing.

To clarify: the lines on the map are only a visual display of your activities - that visual has nothing to do with progressed/completed streets. The only visuals relating to progressed/completed streets are the complete streets list and the red/green node display (when viewing a street).

I think I have a bug in my new-city-processing code that’s not fully setting everyone’s completed streets. I have some ideas, so hopefully you’ll see your lists and percentages get updated soon.

I don’t know what happened with Parkville … The second attempt of generating the streets worked.

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@JamesChevalier Same issue, nodes are not showing as completed on streets in the newly added city. In my case, Bethesda. When you have a fix, can you please run it on my profile. Thanks for adding the city though! Appreciated.

Hi @92e33a182628cd199c70, it looks like a recent activity does show completion of streets in Bethesda for you: Ross Lake #fiv3racing's Activity on May 11, 2020 - CityStrides

What specifically is not showing up for you?

@tkajstura Only new runs show completed nodes. Anything run prior to the streets being added to the city last week or so does not register. Those nodes on previously run streets are all still red

Reprocessing Bathesda now … kinda strange that I’ve had a couple cities not get updated :thinking:

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All good now, thanks

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It looks like Maumee, OH only half-processed as well.

Hi there, Peterborough, UK appears to have the same issue with a missed re-processing of a newly added City. Attached links to the city and a sample activity:

Reprocessing now, let’s see how things look by tomorrow

I am having the same issue for Ellington, CT. I have completed a good portion of it, but my percentage is at 0%.

Hi @JamesChevalier,

My impression is that the automatic reprocessing for added cities still does not work perfectly. Maybe you can have a look.

Here an example with a suspiciously low number of striders with completed streets: Δήμος Αθηναίων, Περιφέρεια Αττικής - CityStrides
Thanks in advance!