New Zealand cities missing

Not too sure where to post this, but if you could add Auckland, NZ that’d be wicked. It used to be on here and now looks like it’s gone? Maybe part of an update or something that’s wiped it

A lot of nz isn’t on here. Cities like Rotorua and Nelson were never on the site and haven’t been imported with the latest update. Not a big deal @JamesChevalier , but I though those cities would have been imported, as comparable cities such as Christchurch are?

See below for the thread/Google Doc that describes the different regions being imported. There’s only two shown for NZ.

Yeah, Auckland is at admin level 4. Same with Rotorua and Nelson, @katsipis.
But the regions that I have in there now are all admin level 4 as well. I’ll need to look into this one…

Re-opening this so I can figure out what I need to do here.

  1. Should I add Auckland as a Region of NZ and as the only city within that region?
  2. Should I handle Nelson the same way?
  3. Should I add the Bay of Plenty Region and then add Rotorua as its admin level 6 record within that?

I think this is the list of Regions that should exist for New Zealand (not what’s in the site now) - is this correct?

West Coast
Hawke’s Bay
Bay of Plenty
Chatham Islands

Then, for each of those Regions, I need to figure out which admin level to import for the cities. It’s probably different in each Region & there might be outliers.

// @katsipis @brendonrjones @maximc22