New user and strava history

Hi, I’ve read a few times that is takes a couple of days for run history to show from strava when you are a new user. I joined five days ago…can it take longer than this? Any new activity is pulling through fine.


Same, it’s been 5-6 days for me

Same here!

Same here!

I think my background/schedules sync is broken (though not throwing errors) … I think this is connected to the other support thread about the missing sync now button…

I’m hoping to clear this up this week.


Great, thank you

@JamesChevalier tried to look around to see what could be the problem with my Strava sync, though this thread is close, doesn’t quite answer my question. I’ve just discovered this today, major kudos. However, my sync seems to have only gone back to March 10th, 2018. Is there a reason it stopped there? Am I able to import all of my runs from strava or just back to a certain date?

I may be hitting Strava’s limits. I’m working through some backlog synchronization for many people, so it might have stopped your sync partway through.
Their limits reset every 15 minutes, so I’ll start another sync for your account in a few minutes. That should work through the rest of your activities (but it may still take up to a few hours).

Hi @JamesChevalier - new user here (love your work!). I’ve joined a few days ago, and I’ve successfully logged my first post-joining run (and that worked just fine). However, no runs in my Strava history have showed up yet. How long are these uploads taking these days? Are Supporters prioritised in that particular workflow?