New: Track walking

CityStrides now syncs walking & hiking as well as running

The activities are syncing over now, but I expect there to be a lot of them. It could take a while for everything to be copied over & for maps/progress to be updated. Please be patient. :smile:

There’s no visual difference between the activities right now - they’re all just “activities” in the site. Perhaps each activity could be labeled as running/walking, and maybe there could be different map views for each of them … I’m going to see what you all think about the feature first - how does it work for you? What do you wish you could see? Is anything confusing for you?

We’ve been discussing this feature over in the feedback & support post, if you’d like to read the opinions that were shared about this idea.

Have fun out there!!

Yes! My activities are there now! Thank you Jim for this enhancement! After breaking my knee a little less than a year ago, and recovering by walking activities before I run again, I appreciate this enhancement so much!

Thank you for adding this. It would be great to see all of the different activities that can be tracked by Strava, Runkeeper, etc., but I would prefer it if the activity types could be separated if at all possible, so the streets walked (or rivers rowed, pistes skied, etc.) are not included with the streets that have been run. I have really enjoyed slowly filling my map up with purple lines, and those purple lines have been the main motivator for me to explore new parts of my city when I run. With walks included with the runs, my progress towards running every street now seems to have changed a little. It’s not that including walks is bad, just that they are a different thing, and I would like to be able to treat them as such. If walks could be listed separately, I would also enjoy filling a walking map up with purple (or whichever colour it happens to be).

If walks do continue to be grouped with runs, I suppose I could delete the walk entries from my Citystrides account, but would they be re-added when the next sync takes place?

I use Runkeeper’s Pocket Track function, which (I think) automatically records walks over a certain duration, but without a map. This means that I can now see a few entries in my account labelled “There is no map associated with this activity”, which are not very useful in terms of Citystrides. Could an option be added to ignore activities without a map?

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Yes, I do plan on expanding on this feature … Differently colored lines on the map, different views (just walking/just running), etc. I don’t want to just haul off and do a bunch of this stuff, though - I want to hear from the members about what they’d most like to see, and how they actually want to use the data. So, your feedback is fantastic.

I do think that if you delete an activity from CityStrides, it’ll be re-added in the next sync.

One of the reasons I keep around every type of walking/running activity - regardless of if there’s a map or not - is that I’ve got a super secret ulterior motive of making CityStrides the runners/walkers social network. One of the features I have in mind for that space is pairing people up based on their recent pace/distance. Treadmill runs (one of the types of runs that doesn’t come with a map) are still relevant for this type of pairing.

I am happy to see the walking activity added. I have read recommendations in the past of people wanting it. As a regular user of citystrides I would like to see that we can view running and walking differently. I wouldn’t mind if they were on the same map, but maybe with different colors or each activity type. I would also like to see the total distance on the dashboard to maybe list the overall total, run total and walk total.

I think this is where giving people options on their view could be nice. They could customize their dashboard to only show running and the running map, walking and the walking map, and or both combined. As an earlier post said I like the challenge of running every street, but with the map combined I cannot track as well where I stand on that.

Thanks again for all of the great work on the app. I am really enjoying it!


P.S. I did find that when the walking was added into the sync it automatically added my current default shoes to each of those activities. I needed to go in and un-associate each of those walks with my running shoes.

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As mentioned in our mail communication: an option to turn off the inclusion of walks altogether would be appreciated on my end.

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walking is fine for now or even better great!
In the (farther away) future it would be fine if you could toggle between walking and running (and cycling) or a combination of them