New tab on a city's page: Missed

First, “Missed” I don’t think is the best word, but is the only word that comes to mind.

What “missed” means is the Strider has no nodes collected for that street.

On every city’s* page are 3 tabs: Complete, Incomplete, and Striders. As we all know incomplete streets are ones we have progressed, but are not completed.

I am thinking it might be good to see the list of streets that one hasn’t even been near, i.e. missed.

Maybe there’s another way to do this, but as I get further along in cities, I am trying to figure out how to get a short list of street. Sure, the LifeMap is a great starting point, but I feel I need to see a list of streets needing to be run.

What do you think? Is there already a way to do this? Or would a new tab help? Thank you!


*Note: One must access the city page via one’s home page, i.e. the “Profile” link, from the pull-down menu, upper right of the main page ( ), not community page. I was initially confused as I was going straight to the city page and did not see the same tabs.

Pretty sure Incomplete page is showing anything that is not completed. So using your terms this would be progressed and missed on same tab. At least that’s what I see.

When you go to a city’s page you are working on and on the Incomplete tab you select the Show next to a street you know you have at least hit one node on, it will show you all the nodes for the street on the map and which you have hit (green) and which are not yet hit (red). If you select the Go button, it will take you to new page for that specific street and list how many nodes are in street and a percentage of how much of street you have completed.


@Marty you are definitely right about what is there so far. And I think you (and I) understand @ericjrw’s thought of separating “progressed” and “missed” (or “not progressed”, or whatever) and that those are currently grouped together.

I get what you’re saying @ericjrw but I can’t actually think about a benefit of having this. What would be the purpose of seeing separate lists of roads you’ve completed some nodes on vs roads you haven’t completed any nodes on?


Thank you @Marty & @davemorin for your insight.

What I’m (was) trying to say, is when I go to my profile, and click a city, I’d like to click a tab, and see a list of streets I’ve never been on (no nodes collected at all). On this tab I can also use a ‘Show’ button. My thought was, what if I’m missing a street, but have never been on it? How do I find it?

But that is also what the “Incomplete” tab is, no nodes, or less than 90%. And that list will get shorter too. Which is what I was thinking would help, a short list of streets with zero nodes collected. But as I chip away at a city, the incomplete list will get shorter. That’s something I did not visualize very well.

So now, as I think about what you two have written, this idea is not as needed (or useful) as I thought it might be. The functionality is already there. :bulb:

Bottom line, I guess a “never progressed” tab is not really that useful. At least not if 100% is one’s goal, and it is mine. :grimacing:

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