New street functionality when reviewing a city?

Maybe I just missed an announcement somewhere, but I am kinda liking the modified functionality when you are reviewing streets in a city.

Now, instead of the old “view” button, you have a “show/hide” button that brings up the nodes of the street and allows you to keep multiple street nodes on at the same time.

That is pretty cool.

The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it seems another change that went along with this batch of changes is that once you “complete” a street now, if there are any uncompleted nodes they no longer show up on Node Hunter since the street is marked complete. I like to finish all the nodes, even if the 90% threshold is passed, so maybe we need to discuss whether the uncompleted nodes to still show up in Node Hunter once a street is considered complete.

Thanks for the continued site progress, @JamesChevalier!

I didn’t announce that change. :smile:
Paired with that is that Nodes are clickable to show which street they correspond with. I think I need to add some “coloring”, though, so that if you have multiple streets shown you can click one node to highlight all of them.

I haven’t touched NodeHunter logic since I released it, so I wouldn’t expect that to have changed at all - as far as I can recall, it has ‘always’ (ever since this post in New: Node Hunter - #6 by JamesChevalier) worked only against unfinished streets.

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OK, so I just noticed both things at the same time.

I guess this folds into the “Hard mode” discussion, where 100% is required for a street to be considered complete. Perhaps with the OSM updates, the 90% threshold will become obsolete and it should move to 100%? The 90% threshold really helped when that 1 or 2 remaining nodes were inaccessible or misplaced, but now that we will be able to make OSM changes when needed and get rid of those erroneous nodes, maybe that threshold changes along with the improved data…

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Personally I liked the previous view functionality better but I also like the new functionality. In a way I wish I had access to both when researching my missing streets. The new version is nice to see it all from a distance but I liked how it would zoom in on my incomplete streets before quickly. You can click “go” to zoom in now but then hitting the back button and repaging is painful, it was nice to quickly click through each as it zoomed in from one to the next. I think ideally a “show”, “view” and “go” where view would show and zoom in on the incomplete street.

Been thinking about this more. I think fixing the toggle between satellite and standard for city view (I opened up that other ticket) and an option to “show all” and “hide all” for streets would be the best option in terms of auditing what is left. I know I have often gone and tried hitting show on a bunch of streets to see what I have left (say I have 3 pages of streets) which is quite manual. Also as soon as I toggle views they hide again which I guess is a separate bug.

The show/hide all sounds more like NodeHunter to me. Maybe I’m not displaying the NodeHunter button on every map…

Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out how to fix the map style change clearing out the map - hopefully it’ll end up being a simple technical fix.

No its there, but if I’m focusing on just the city I dont want to see the nodes for the surrounding area (otherwise I would look using LifeMap). I want to see them for the city I’m looking at. Plus including the surrounding area also likely hits the 1000 node limit most of the time. If node hunter was able to be constrained to the current city (by default or as an option?) then yes that would work well too (I thought about mentioning that in my previous reply).