New runs in a new town. No progress

As the title says, I ran in a town I have never run in before. I ran about 5 miles on several streets. The run shows up on my map but not the stats in my profile?

Thank you

Which city? Is it imported into CS, that is, can you see it under the Cities menu choice?


Herndon, VA. I found it in the city menu. Also this happened to me in May running in Aruba. I was just wondering if there is a fix for this. Thank you

Well, that’s strange… I think @JamesChevalier needs to troubleshoot this for you

You should compare your run to the boundaries you see for Herndon, VA. You ran in McNair, which does not have boundaries on openstreetmap, not in Herndon. Most places in that area seem to be without borders.

Here are the admin_level=8 ones.

An option could be to add the entirety of Fairfax County (admin_level=6) as a citystrides “city” (and make Herndon nested within it to keep things correct). You could add that to the spreadsheet linked from this stickied thread, though I’ll admit there doesn’t seem to be much progress made in that spreadsheet recently, I’m still waiting for my update request regarding Brussels, Belgium too and the list before me is loooong.