New: Multiple services per account

Some people have started running with one tracker, then later on switched to another. This was a bad experience in CityStrides, because those people would have two separate maps to look at.

No more!

You can now connect multiple run trackers to a single CityStrides account! Head over to your Settings page, to connect other run trackers to your account.

The best way to set things up is to sign up with one tracker, and then link others within your Settings page. After you do that, you can log in with any of those trackers whenever you want - they’re all linked to your one CityStrides account.

If you already have two separate accounts in CityStrides, please get in touch with me … I think I’ll have to do some manual work to get everything linked up.

This was a really big change to a lot of the code that runs the site. So if you have any trouble, please get in touch either here or through the contact page.

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Thank you for this. What will happen with activities that are recorded in multiple trackers (e.g. synced via Will they be added to Citystrides multiple times, or will they just be added once and any duplicates ignored?

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Yeah, if you’ve got an activity recorded twice then it’ll be brought into CityStrides twice.

I’ll have to take a look at the duplicates to see if there’s anything that matches between them. If I can find something consistent, then I might be able to ignore duplicates through that…

If you spot any, you can share the links here & I can take a look.

Hi @JamesChevalier,

As of today, I’ve also linked my Strava account to Citystrides. In the past, only Runkeeper was connected. (Both containing the same activities) In order to determine duplicates, (and figure out if there’s some kind of a match between them) here is an example of a duplicate run:

14 km run on July 18, 2017

You will find lots of duplicates on my profile Ben Van der Herten - CityStrides since strava’s activities are now uploading…:wink:

Hopefully this can be of any help?