New in the forum: feature voting

I’ve added a voting plugin to this forum, and enabled it in the #ideas category.
I’m not entirely sure if it’ll be better than using :heart: as “voting” or not :man_shrugging: but we’ll find out!

I think there are limits to the number of “open votes” that each person can have. We’ll have to figure out how to handle that, along with how to handle completed ideas - I think there’s a certain process that’ll free up the votes from those posts.

Update: I’ve set the limit of votes to 1,000 so you basically have unlimited votes


Do you think that it might be good to give more votes? The #ideas section is full of good ideas (and mine :grimacing: :laughing:), but none of them seem to get all that many votes, indicating that folks either don’t care, or don’t have any votes left…


Increased it to 30 votes

Update: 1000

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