New: Garmin Integration -- Available To EVERYONE

Not yet - haven’t gotten to the Garmin resync yet :sweat_smile:

I’ve started this today (July 1). I have no idea what kind of load this will put on things, so I’m stepping through all the Garmin-connected accounts that have run a full history sync in groups of 250 accounts at a time. It’s quite difficult to estimate how long it will take to complete this, but I’ll update this thread when I’ve sent the last request (we’ll still need to wait on Garmin to send the data at that point).


hey, did you get any activities? Is the synchronization with Garmin still running?

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Still working through the backlog. It’s going to take a while.


Can you skip running the historic import again for my account please James? I’ve imported my missing data manually and deleted any activities with bad/missing GPS data to make my LifeMap as clean as possible, not an easy task with some of the poor GPS data from Garmin watches I’ve owned over the years! :wink:


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Hello, I just joined yesterday as a supporting member, linking via Garmin. This looks like such an amazing project, I can’t wait to get started and make progress towards my full-city running goal. I don’t think any of my runs have percolated into CS, but I wanted to check if I need to do anything else to let the data flow. Thanks!

Your account is syncing, it just takes a very long time (and that’s without Garmin going offline :sweat_smile:)


Thanks @JamesChevalier, I appreciate the update. I’ll be as patient as I can be :slight_smile: Should I wait a week or a month before checking back? Thanks again!

A week?
I have no idea :laughing: :sweat_smile:

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When does the Garmin history syncs button returns?

The history sync button can be clicked once.
Garmin full history syncs were delayed by their downtime - share your profile link (top right menu) & I can make sure yours is still in the queue.

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Hello James,
Thx for your answer
Here you are:

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Any idea how long it’ll take to get everyone through the re-sync?
I imagine my batch is near the bottom of the metaphorical pile, I’m just very bad with patience :sweat_smile:
(If they’re supposed to be done, would it be possible to redo mine? Charlotte A. Vestergaard - CityStrides)

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Can you check mine is still in the queue please?

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Woah, I think mine have finally imported in but it looks like Garmin has royally screwed up a whole load of my past maps! Perhaps I should’ve got with Strava after all, even though it doesn’t go back as far. Thanks for syncing though!

Are the activities in CityStrides with screwed up maps also screwed up in Garmin?

Yep, it’s a Garmin issue, not Citystrides!

It seems that only my new activities are syncing from Garmin to CityStrides.
On my Profile page, it says “Pause Syncing” next to Garmin … but it is not syncing anything.
Next to Strava, it says “Resume Syncing”, which is ok, I think … if Garmin will sync.
I don’t have a button to do a “Full Garmin Sync”.
Is there something that I can do ?
Other than wait … :-).
My CityStrides profile link is → Denis Peadon - CityStrides

Yeah, you can only do a full sync once - because it should work :sweat_smile:

I didn’t see your account in the queue, so I added it. It’s starting a full sync from the beginning, so it will take some time to get back to those older dates. It’ll skip any existing activities, so you shouldn’t see duplicates appear.

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Thank you very much. I can see that it has done 114 activities, back to early March, and I’m at 150 streets.
This is so cool, and I can see some that I have not done that I will be getting out to complete ! :slight_smile:

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