New garmin activity type not yet set up to import to CS?


It seems Garmin had some trouble yesterday with activity syncing to sites like CS and Strava, but two out of three runs from yesterday did not sync to CS:

I have tried putting yesterday’s date into the the “sync missing Garmin Activity” tool in my preferences, but with no luck.

The other issue that may be affecting it is that Garmin released a new activity profile in the past week or two called “ultra running” which may not be set to import to CS yet

I know 4 mile runs wouldn’t’ normally be considered “ultra running” but these were done pacing a friend doing an ultra challenge and supposedly this new activity type does a better job of estimating your VO2max when you are involved in ultra-running activities

Ah, yeah, right now only these activity types are brought into CityStrides:


I’ll review their activity types to be sure I’m handling all walking/running types.

On Garmin Connect, it looks like ultra running is the only new activity type for CS

I’m checking with their support team now, because “ultra running” isn’t in their list of activity types.

I do notice a couple that I’m not currently bringing in, but maybe I should be:

  • obstacle_run for those of us who want to parkour every street in our city? :laughing:
  • virtual_run for (presumably) virtual races that should also count towards completing streets?
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Virtual run is not one CS should use - it is running on a treadmill in a virtual world like Zwift


:+1: I’ll leave those two out for now. I just got confirmation of the activity type from Garmin support, so that’ll be included in the next release. I’m hoping to get that out soon, but I’m partway through reworking the Route Builder so it might get held up behind that.


Thanks, James. I switched one of the two activities I listed from “ultra running” to “running” and it came in right away. I left the other one as ultra running so that when the change goes in I can see if it comes in without any changes on the garmin side.


Since your announcement that “ultra run” has been added, I have submitted a sync request for the date I did a activity with that profile and the run still does not show up on my profile:



I just checked again and the missing “ultra run” activity from Feb 28 has not shown up on my account yet.

It doesn’t get any streets, but I just wanted to let you know that despite submitting that date for importing a missing Garmin activity since you added the activity type in a previous update, it still has not shown up.

I have not run any new “ultra run” activities yet to check and see if they come in on initial import. Perhaps I’ll do one today (if I remember to change my watch setting) as a check.

I just sent a request for February 28, 2021 activities for your account … let’s see how this works, now that the code is accepting this new activity type. Neither of these are the activity in question, right?

Correct. There should be 3 activities for Feb 28, the two you list and a third:

That third is the one marked Ultra Run

Still nothing, so perhaps there is something amiss with recognizing the new activity type

Yeah, I’ve got some modified code to increase logging … gotta release that, then I can re-request the activity from Garmin, wait for however long it takes them to send it, and see for myself what the activity type really is (my only guess at this point is that they have given me the wrong information on what they’re sending).

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No hurry, just trying to help trouble-shoot. There are no streets on the activity so I am not stressed about it.

I think I finally got it: JP Miller's Activity on February 28, 2021 - CityStrides
I’m pretty sure it didn’t come through after I edited the code because of the timeframe of activities I was requesting … A moment ago, I changed the range from just the 28th to 27th-29th and here it is.

I’d expect the ultra_run type activities to sync properly from now on. Thanks for helping with this!

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Success! I remembered to set today’s second run to ultra run and it came through no problem.


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