New City Request (tried to follow the guide)

First of all, apologies, I tried to follow the “How to help with Country Import” but it appears that “nominatim” updated the layout of their search result page and I can’t get/find to the “City” info for the “City Admin Level(s)” column (also, the “Parent Of” seems to have been removed from view). However, I was able to update the “Region Admin Level(s)” column, I updated it to “2” since that’s what was listed (country: Philippines).

I am hoping for Makati City to be added.
Country: Philippines
Region: National Capital Region (sometimes called Metro Manila in some maps)
City: Makati City (or just Makati in some maps)
OSM relation: Relation: ‪Makati‬ (‪103716‬) | OpenStreetMap

OSM country relation: Relation: ‪Philippines‬ (‪443174‬) | OpenStreetMap

Thank you.

Yeah, when viewing a ‘city’ in Nominatim the “Parent Of” section isn’t relevant because there’s nothing ‘below’ the city (since the streets aren’t listed in this page).

The “Address” section indicates the city’s higher relations (city → region → country):

This section can be confusing & sometimes incomplete.
It sounds like you’re saying the Region is “NCR, Fourth District” in that screen shot.

This is the list of admin level 5 places; are these the Regions you would expect in CityStrides?

Leyte 1st District
Leyte 2nd District
Leyte 3rd District
Leyte 4th District
Leyte 5th District
NCR, Fourth District
NCR, Third District
NCR, Second District
NCR, First District

Then there’s the list of admin level 3 places…

Or is this what you'd expect as Regions in CityStrides?

Metro Manila
Cordillera Administrative Region
Cagayan Valley
Central Luzon
Western Visayas
Central Visayas
Eastern Visayas
Zamboanga Peninsula
Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao
Northern Mindanao
Davao Region

Can you confirm which list is correct (and hopefully it’s not a weird combination :laughing:)?
After I determine that, I’ll have to figure out what the admin level is for all/most cities. Makati is admin level 6, but usually I see cities at 8. I can run some queries to get a couple lists for you after I’m sure of the Region level. :+1:

Update: I’ve done some searching, and it does look like cities are admin level 6 all around.

I’m following up on this, @jcjohn.sesecuneta
The open question is whether the Regions should be admin level 5 or 3, from those lists in the previous post.

Apologies for the late reply.

Yes, it looks correct, as far as the hierarchy is concerned. Though the NCR “districts” are not really used outside of the Police, Fire agencies, and emergency/disaster response teams. But for the purposes of how it was recorded in OSM, it is correct.

The official regional name is “National Capital Region”. What is listed in OSM as “Metro Manila” is not the “region” name. However, for CityStrides, “Metro Manila” is fine for the label (Admin 3). Since even locals are confused with the NCR “districts”, probably good not to use it.

Officially, the divisions goes like this:

  • City/Municipality
  • Province
  • Region

Example 1:

  • City/Municipality: Makati City
  • Province: n/a
  • Region: NCR (National Capital Region) or sometimes called “Metro Manila”

Example 2: (see note below)

  • City/Municipality: Tagaytay City
  • Province: Province of Cavite
  • Region: Calabarzon / Region-4A

Example 3: (see note below)

  • City/Municipality: Batangas City
  • Province: Province of Batangas
  • Region: Calabarzon / Region-4A

However, for regions outside of NCR / Metro Manila, the region names are rarely used in daily lives.

Maybe in the future if there are requests for other cities, the Province name would be the best fit as a grouping.

It would be then like this frontend
I. For NCR / Metro Manila:
Regional name: Metro Manila
City/Municipality: Makati City

II. Elsewhere in the Philippines:
Regional name: Province of Cavite
City/Municipality: Tagaytay City

Regional name: Province of Batangas
City/Municipality: Batangas City

Hopefully it is reflected similarly in OSM.

Apologies, I am still confused about what data should be used.

It sounds like you would prefer the Regions that I use be the Provinces and not either of the other two lists I provided earlier.

This is the list of places at admin level 4

Agusan del Sur
Mountain Province
Nueva Vizcaya
Nueva Ecija
Camarines Norte
Camarines Sur
La Union
Ilocos Sur
Ilocos Norte
Occidental Mindoro
Oriental Mindoro
Northern Samar
Eastern Samar
Southern Leyte
Negros Occidental
Negros Oriental
Dinagat Islands
Surigao Del Norte
Surigao del Sur
Davao Oriental
Agusan del Norte
Davao de Oro
Davao del Norte
Davao del Sur
South Cotabato
Sultan Kudarat
Lanao del Sur
Lanao del Norte
Misamis Oriental
Misamis Occidental
Zamboanga del Norte
Zamboanga Sibugay
Zamboanga del Sur
Davao Occidental

Does that look like the correct list you’d expect to see?
It does seem to line up with Wikipedia: Provinces of the Philippines - Wikipedia but I only checked a few.

Just acknowledging I read. I’ll try to get help from the OSM PH team, I’m confused too with the way the NCR region was encoded.

Be right back!

I think I understand now how to use nominatim, and it does appear all Cities are Admin Level 6.

If I’m understanding this correctly, for the Philippines:

  • Admin Level 3: The Philippines definition of a “Region”.
  • Admin Level 4: Province
  • Admin Level 5: “District” subdivision of a "Region"or “Province”
  • Admin Level 6: City/Municipality
  • Admin Level 7: “District” subdivision of a City/Munipality

– We can skip Admin Level 5, if any.
– If there is Admin Level 4, we can use that as a “Region” name for end-user purposes.
– In the absence of Admin Level 4, Admin Level 3 can be used for end-user purposes.

When I checked randomly as well as specific Cities, everything appears to be consistent. The only difference are the Cities in “Metro Manila”/“NCR”.

For the following “Metro Manila”/“NCR” Cities:

  1. City of Manila
  2. Quezon City
  3. Caloocan City
  4. Las Piñas City
  5. Makati City
  6. Malabon City
  7. Mandaluyong City
  8. Marikina City
  9. Muntinlupa City
  10. Navotas City
  11. Parañaque City
  12. Pasay City
  13. Pasig City
  14. San Juan City
  15. Taguig City
  16. Valenzuela City
  17. Municipality of Pateros
    Region name would be “Metro Manila” Admin Level 3 as per OSM.

All other cities/municipalities are grouped under their respective Admin Level 4.

I’ll import Regions as admin level 4 and Cities as admin level 6. :rocket:

You can follow along here: Philippines - CityStrides it’ll slowly fill up with cities :smiley:

:thinking: It looks like Makati was not included somehow. I looked at its Wikipedia page and in the right column it mentions “Province none (Former part of Rizal province until 1975)” so I wonder if it is not included in any Region at admin level 4.

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If I understood @jcjohn.sesecuneta correctly, Metro Manila/NCR (which includes Makati City) is an exception with Admin Level 3 instead of 4. It might be necessary to import it separately.

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Yep, the cities within Metro Manila/NCR would be Admin Level 3, since that one has the correct name for the region.

Hmm… wait … I think the disconnect is I’m coming from the “end-user” label/categorisation verses OSM/data.

In OSM/data, the cities in Metro Manila/NCR are listed under Admin Level 5 entries: “NCR, First District”, “NCR, Second District”, “NCR, Third District”, and “NCR, Fourth District”. Makati is listed under “NCR, Fourth District” (Admin Level 5).

Metro Manila/NCR cities:

  • Cities are Admin Level 6
  • OSM Region is Admin Level 5

All other cities:

  • Cities are Admin Level 6
  • OSM Region is Admin Level 4

I’m deeply sorry for the confusion. The OSM “NCR, First District” etc is throwing me off. We don’t use it in real life other than the police and other emergency response teams, for the rest of us it simply is “NCR” or “Metro Manila”.

I think using “NCR, First District” etc as the label should be fine. No need to adjust the code or something. It’s probably time we familiarise ourselves with it. :slight_smile:

:thinking: Would it be better to use Metro Manila (admin level 3) instead of NCR, Fourth District (admin level 5) as the Region?

I’m a little confused because you seem to be resisting “NCR, Fourth District” a little bit & you’ve mentioned Metro Manila a couple times.

Thanks for working through this with me - this stuff can be tedious sometimes! :grimacing: :sweat_smile:

Definitely yep. :smiley:

Although, “Metro Manila (admin level 3)” does not list the (Metro Manila) Cities in OSM, could be the reason why it is empty? The (Metro Manila) Cities are listed under the "NCR, district (admin level 5) in OSM.

No worries! I’m just glad we can work on it. Later on, I can start sharing to runners in the Philippines to check out CityStrides (and subscribe). :slight_smile:

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This is all the cities at admin level 6 within Metro Manila

Quezon City
Las Piñas
San Juan

I think I’m safe to import all of them - it doesn’t seem like they exist in CityStrides already, so it seems like everything within Metro Manila is exclusive & does not also exist within one of the already imported admin level 4 Regions.
Also, visualizing the admin level 4 Regions in that area do indicate that Metro Manila is not included in those:

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Yep. All good! All 17 in Metro Manila.


Thank you! A perfect time with the easing of lockdown, we’re allowed to run everywhere again.

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:trophy: :sweat_smile:

Finally! Makati, Metro Manila - CityStrides
The entire region is importing, so it’ll take some time to:

  • create all the cities
  • determine progressed/completed streets (and I’ve noticed this doesn’t always work on the first try for some reason, so if you see your percentage seems too low please let me know)
  • add latitude/longitude to each city

Thanks again for working through this with me!


Thank you very much too!