New activity not getting processed

I didn’t have to refresh to get the map to update, but today’s new streets run still show incomplete. If I select the run, it shows me 0 completed 0 progressed.
Normally (even yesterday), the count gets updated when the map gets updated. Did I do something wrong?

I’ll take a closer look tomorrow (it’s late here) - you definitely didn’t do anything wrong & don’t need to do anything.
I’m going to move this conversation into a new thread in #support:sync-support … I’ll post again when I know more.


Same issue here - my activity from last night is showing on my life map absolutely fine but in my profile is 0 completed, 0 progressed and completed streets are showing as not done - for example:

My other activity from yesterday has been counted fine.

Thanks James for looking into it

Same issue here. Ran 14.5km of new roads and map is fine but says 0 roads complete and 0 progressed :man_shrugging:t3: anything i can do to fix this?

Same here. New route in central london but says 0 completed and 0 incomplete

Posting again to say that I’m looking at this now. If you’re arriving at this thread as a “+1” please share a link to the activity with 0 progress - that is going to be the most helpful for me.

There is nothing for you to do to resolve this issue. Resyncing/deleting/logging out & in - none of that is going to make any difference. This is entirely a problem in my code.

Update: I’ve spotted the issue and should have fixed code out Soon™ that will correct things for new activities. After that’s released I will address activities created yesterday/today.

The issue was that my code that handles Strava alerts of new activities was not queuing the job to process the activity. The fix was to have it queue up the job & send all Strava activities created yesterday/today through that queue.

Second Update: The new code is out now, so no new activities will have this issue. The code to fix existing activities is running now, so everyone’s activities will be fixed Soon™ (I don’t have a timeline - guessing on the scale of minutes, maybe hours).

Third Update: That’s completely done. All activities should be completely processed at this point.

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Here’s the link to mine: Helen Jenkins's activity on February 23, 2022 - CityStrides

Thank you!!

All corrected for me now - thanks :slight_smile:

Mine also fixed. Thanks so much :ok_hand:t2:

Thank you!

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