Never syching

Hi. My activities stopped synching in September. Both Strava and RunKeeper are setup to synch.
I became a member yesterday but had an account from several years ago and the lifetime map is accurate, etc. I did receive the message “in que to synch” but nothing happens. I have logged in and out of the account and cleared browsing history. Any thoughts?

It does look like all of your Runkeeper activities are synced into CityStrides (the newest one from June 22, 2021).

Only Run, Hike, Walk activities are going to be brought into CityStrides - but I do see activities that should sync over from Strava…
It does look like CityStrides has access to your Strava account (if I manually run code to collect activities for your account the first page that Strava returns valid activities for 2021-12-16, 2021-12-05, 2021-11-28, 2021-10-09, 2021-08-26, 2021-08-18, 2021-08-15)…
Neither service is paused…
I’m extremely confused, and I’ll need to look into this a bit more

Alright, I think I’ve managed to get a sync going for your account. I see one new activity from December 16, so far. Let me know if things look ok now.