Need help: Japan has duplicate Regions due to historic data

OpenStreetMap contains a list of historic Regions within Japan. For example, there’s Tajima Province which is an historic Region where Tottori Prefecture is the modern Region.

All of these historic Regions were created alongside the modern Regions within CityStrides. This resulted in duplicate cities.

My question is whether or not I should delete all of the historic Regions. I’m unsure if there’s any value in having them continue to exist within CityStrides.

Full list of Japan's Regions in CityStrides

Aichi Prefecture
Aki Province
Akita Prefecture
Aomori Prefecture
Awa Province
Awa Province
Awaji Province
Bingo Province
Bitchu Province
Bizen Province
Bungo Province
Buzen Province
Chiba Prefecture
Chikugo Province
Chikuzen Province
Ehime Prefecture
Fukui Prefecture
Fukuoka Prefecture
Fukushima Prefecture
Gifu Prefecture
Gunma Prefecture
Harima Province
Higo Province
Hiroshima Prefecture
Hitachi Province
Hizen Province
Hoki Province
Hokkaidō Prefecture
Hyogo Prefecture
Hyuga Province
Ibaraki Prefecture
Iga Province
Iki Province
Inaba Province
Ise Province
Ishikawa Prefecture
Iwami Province
Iwate Prefecture
Iyo Province
Izu Province
Izumi Province
Izumo Province
Kagawa Prefecture
Kagoshima Prefecture
Kai Province
Kanagawa Prefecture
Kawachi Province
Kazusa Province
Kii Province
Kochi Prefecture
Kumamoto Prefecture
Kyoto Prefecture
Mie Prefecture
Mikawa Province
Mimasaka Province
Miyagi Prefecture
Miyazaki Prefecture
Musashi Province
Nagano Prefecture
Nagasaki Prefecture
Nagato Province
Nara Prefecture
Niigata Prefecture
Oita Prefecture
Okayama Prefecture
Okinawa Prefecture
Osaka Prefecture
Osumi Province
Owari Province
Saga Prefecture
Sagami Province
Saitama Prefecture
Sanuki Province
Satsuma Province
Settsu Province
Shiga Prefecture
Shima Province
Shimane Prefecture
Shimosa Province
Shizuoka Prefecture
Suo Province
Suruga Province
Tajima Province
Tamba Province
Tango Province
Tochigi Prefecture
Tokushima Prefecture
Tosa Province
Totomi Province
Tottori Prefecture
Toyama Prefecture
Wakayama Prefecture
Yamagata Prefecture
Yamaguchi Prefecture
Yamanashi Prefecture
Yamashiro Province
Yamato Province

I don’t see where having the historical regions adds any value. As long as the modern ones comprehensively cover the country and contain all the cities they should be all that is needed, no?

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Didn’t Japan have that issue with a lack of street names due to addressing by blocks? Is it possible to translate the ‘run every street’ concept in that context?

:man_facepalming: Thanks for reminding me! :grimacing: I’ll look through a few cities to see what comes up…

:man_shrugging: There seem to be some cities with streets already in CityStrides e.g. so :+1: :rocket:

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I think they all have streets, it’s just that the vast majority are unnamed so it’s only a small subset that is actually included in citystrides (a quick look with node-hunter on the city you linked shows this well). Okazaki has a population approaching 400k but only 247 streets, some Tokyo wards have <30 streets…

They should be tagged boundary=historic in OSM, so you probably want to add [boundary!=historic] to your overpass query.