National Walking Day

Got a little shoutout from Mapbox today for National Walking Day. I just learned about it late last night, so when I found out I put together National Walking Day - CityStrides like we have for Global Running Day. :sweat_smile: It needs some work because of how much I raced through getting it online last night, but it expands our collection of yearly events. I’m hoping to get it tidied up this evening, so we can see our accomplishments around the world.

I like to see these too!

I did notice that it closed too early to count my streets. I uploaded them about 8:50 PM EST and by then it was gone from the Home page and it registered 0 streets for me. I’m assuming there is some UTC timing going on here. I think it happened with last months AMSAP too.

Yeah, this is next on my list … I’m currently storing start/end dates for Challenges as datetime which brings time into the equation, which causes all sorts of issues when trying to run global events :sweat_smile:
I’m going to change that to just date so it’s timezone agnostic - which should let any activity on that date in whichever timezone it’s in apply to the Challenge.

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Just a suggestion: Is it possible to have a pop up banner advertising these kinds of events when you open up your profile page? It could even be the size of the box when you sync a run or get notified of the percentage a city is completed after a run. Maybe one or two days before the event. I wasn’t aware of the National Walk Day Event and wonder how many others may have missed it. Just my two cents. As always, thanks for all your time and hard work James.

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In this case, I learned about the event ~5 hours before it would start in my timezone & well after it had started elsewhere in the world. :sweat_smile:
I do like the idea of notifications leading up to these events, though! Maybe a few at the month/week/day marks beforehand.
I’d probably make these only sent within the site - a popup if you happen to be online when it’s sent, otherwise an entry in your Notifications section (linked in the top right menu & via the bell icon if you have unread notifications).
If I ever figure out a proper newsletter strategy :grimacing: I could include that info in there as well…

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