National walking day challenge

Its almost here (3 days away)- The NATIONAL WALKING DAY Challenge will take place on Wednesday April 3, 2024

Lets BEAT last year’s total street count!

This challenge is open to everyone and its a clean-slate challenge - previously completed streets are eligible for National Walking Day.

Everything counts towards our global total.

And a special shout out to you James- Thank you for all your hard work and creating this fun challenge for us all!


Here’s the link to follow our collective progress on the day of the event:

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Here in NZ, National Walking Day has started already! Will our walks today contribute to the tally?

Can’t see any updates yet

Yeah, your efforts will contribute to the overall stats. I forgot to do some stuff to get things going, so it’s starting to catch up now.

Update: As of about noon Eastern time (16:00 UTC) things look back on track. Follow along LIVE here:

Out of idle curiosity, does National Walking day (or any clean-slate challenge) only count streets that you walk in their entirety during the challenge? So if someone has a street they’ve earlier half completed and goes back to complete it during a clean-slate challenge, but doesn’t rewalk the part already completed, does that street count in the challenge?

Edit: I think I’ve just answered my own question. My walk from yesterday shows I completed 10 streets, but when I navigate to the challenge I have only contributed six to the grand total. I did finish some previously started streets, so that kinda makes sense.

Yeah, all Challenges only calculate progress within the set time frame … So this year’s National Walking Day only counts progress on April 3, 2024. For the upcoming Global Running Day, it’l be the same thing - only your activities on June 5th, 2024 will count for that Challenge. Similarly, for each month’s AMSAP Challenge, only the activities in that month count.

I enjoyed seeing National Walking Challenge numbers increase in real time last week!

I have a question about what is counted towards the challenge. If I look in my profile WanderingWalker - CityStrides I can see that I did a walk on 3rd April and completed 1 (new) street. I also re-walked and completed a number of other streets (maybe 8 or 9?). Navigating to Challenges, then choosing Featured, then choosing Past, I can see National Walking Day 2024 listed. Clicking on it takes me to the screenshot below where it says I completed 0 streets. Zooming into the map on the right shows the walk I did. So I’m not sure if the walk I did counted, or if because I re-walked a number of streets it didn’t count.

:confounded: :sob:

It’s a time zone thing, since 9am April 3 in New Zealand would be 5pm April 2 in US and all my efforts of just pulling the date out of the full timestamp didn’t actually work.

I’ll get your data processed, and I’ll be looking into the time zone issue some more as well :sweat:


All sorted now - thanks for investigating.

Yeah, I’ve corrected your data … but I’m still very uncertain about whether I caused the issue by forgetting to set up some required data beforehand, or if there’s a fundamental flaw in the code that decides whether or not a challenge is relevant/active.

I’d really like to hear how Global Running Day goes for you (and others who may be reading along who live in NZ).