Multiple cities on Life Map poster

Pretty simple idea, not sure about the programming side. I’d love to be able to select multiple cities for printing a Life Map poster. Not just 1. That’s all!

There’s another thread with a handful of other ideas, but one idea in there is kind of related to yours:

For your use case, would you still want activities limited to only the cities you select?
The nuance between A) “particular geographic region” and B) “select multiple cities” might be that …
with A you’d get all your activities that fell within a selected rectangle
with B you’d get activities clipped to within the chosen city borders (an analogy would be a cookie cutter)

A simplified scenario might be that there are 4 cities with perfectly square borders that all fit together to make another larger square & you’ve completed the top left, top right, and bottom right cities
… in the “particular geographic region” version, if you selected a square on the map that covered your 3 completed cities, you’d also have any activities in the bottom left city in the poster
… in the “select multiple cities” version, if you selected top left/top right/bottom right cities, you would not have any activities from the bottom left city in the poster


Honestly I’m happy with either option. I would prefer the multiple city, and have a hard stop on a road that goes into the next city. Area select is great too. But I want to pick 2+ cities since, where I’m from, they are relatively small.

My main goal is a huge print of my local area that I’ve run. Maybe I just need to do multiple individual prints digitally (one town at a time), then stich them together digitally and send one file to the printer.

Both of these options sound fun.

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This option sounds fun, I’m working multiple cities to run everything within a county. It would be neat to customize this as I make progress on that effort.

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