Multi day 100 miles run not processed

This weekend I made two ultra runs (parts of a 72 hour ultra run). On Friday evening I started a 100 miles run. It ended on Sunday morning. After that I started a 100 km run which I ended on Monday afternoon.
The 100 km run has been processed by CityStrides and all looks good, but the 100 miles run is missing. I’ve made two requests to sync missing Garmin activities for 2021-03-19. One yesterday and one today. No sync yet. Is it possible to see issues with certain activities? Could it be an issue with an activity that is so very long?

Missing activity: Garmin Connect

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Should I try to split my activity into several parts or wait for this one to be handled?
I made a few more requests to sync but I still don’t see the activity in my profile.

I couldn’t wait to test if a split would do it so I split the activity into four parts and they were all processed right away.
My full activity is still there if you like to find out why it wasn’t processed.

How I did the split:

  1. Download FIT file from Garmin Connect
  2. Use the section remover: to split the file into manageable parts. I split it into four marathon long parts.
  3. Convert the FIT files to TCX and get new ids: Combine FIT, GPX, CSV or TCX files for Garmin or Strava. Merge Heart Rate Power and GPS (just add one file and convert it)
  4. Upload to Garmin Connect.
  5. CityStrides will pick up the new file and process it.
  6. Remove the uploaded duplicate activity from Garmin Connect and Strava as soon as CityStrides has picked it.

Nice work on the 72hr. pretty legit.

My buddy did a 24hr on a closed loop 2 mile course over the weekend and it came into CS properly without any modification

It worked ok with an activity that was 28 hours, but 38 hours was probably over the top for CS. I guess the file size is the issue here.

Ugh, sorry I didn’t get to this in time! I hope it wasn’t too much of a hassle.

Going back to March 25th - I don’t see the activity ID in my logs, but I do see your user ID a bunch, so it seems like Garmin never sent it.
I’m going to re-request the activity a couple different ways to see if I can get it to come through. If it doesn’t, I’ll contact their support team to see if we can figure out why (most likely I’m doing something wrong).

(Update: yeah, so far after 2 different requests I’ve only had one activity of yours from the 18th come over)

:laughing: good to see all my hard work on those mile markers really pay off

I’m a software developer and I like to manipulate data in all sorts of ways. I saw it as a challenge :slight_smile:
I made many mistakes during the split of the activity, but eventually I learned how to do it correctly.

The missing activity is from the 19th and is 161 km and 38 hours long.
It took forever for the watch to save it and then even longer to get it to sync to Garmin Connect so it is a big file. 9 MB.
It was synced to Strava with no issues: