Most City-Efficient Top Striders

Something I’ve always thought was interesting when looking at the leaderboard is how many cities everyone has. Most top striders have a lot of cities, which makes sense. So I thought it’d be interesting to look at the top striders who don’t have as many cities to see who is the most “city-efficient”, so to speak.

For this totally pointless analysis, I looked at the top 500 striders and included every strider with 30 or fewer cities. This comes out to be a surprisingly few number of striders: only 19! I suppose it is very easy to add a city to your list by running a race out of town or going on a trip somewhere.

The highest placed strider is Monkey Man at 27th place, with an impressively small 23 cities accounting for over 10,000 streets.

Of the top visible profiles, both Beerway to Hell and every single street Helsinki have run almost all of Helsinki, Finland. Hector Guillermo Guerrero Jauregui has run all but 6 streets in Guadalajara, Mexico. All of these profiles seem to be inactive at the moment, however, with Beerway to Hell having completed the most recent run in January. Lastly I have run all of 3 cities in Indiana: Carmel, Westfield, and Zionsville. I’m also unfortunately inactive right now since my knee is hurt :frowning:

Another interesting note is the two private striders at 126th and 127th place having almost identical profiles. I’m not sure if this is two accounts linked to one person by accident or it’s actually two people, but it’s neat nonetheless.

So, yeah, no groundbreaking conclusions here, but I hope you found it interesting anyway!


It’s way too much work to account for without direct access to the database, but I wonder how much nested cities skew the stats. I am based in Brussels which has 19 nested cities, so that’s 20 cities without trying much. There are also some very small ones directly adjacent to Brussels.

:thinking: Yeah, right now the Leaderboard is counting nested cities … I think it shouldn’t based on the rest of the broader stats throughout the site ignoring nested cities.
I’ll have to look into that SQL to figure out how to ignore them for those counts…

I guess this is selecting for people who don’t travel as much, or live in areas which are a large city without any nesting. If one had access to the database, it would be possible to exclude travel runs, which are both fun and skew your stats.