Mosman NSW - incorrect boundaries

There are two cities called Mosman in NSW, Australia. One is Mosman Muncipal Council and the other is simply Mosman, which is a suburb within Mosman Muncipal Council.

The suburb Mosman is shown in CityStrides with the same boundaries as its parent city Mosman Muncipal Council, meaning that the other nested suburbs within Mosman Muncipal Council (Balmoral and Clifton Gardens) do not appear in CityStrides at all (as far as I can tell).

Could there be some issue with the set-up/import of the cities collection?

Both have the same border in OSM:

This suggest to me that either:

  • only one of these should exist in CityStrides
  • one of them needs to be corrected in OSM (perhaps Mosman Muncipal Council needs to be edited to have its border corrected?)