More Striders list metrics

Grab bag of ideas for increasing the utility of the strider search function, and just want to note up front that obviously this would only be for users with public profiles:

Be able to filter Striders list by:

  • date joined OR data of first synced activity (I believe this is the default setting as it lists by user number, but doesn’t indicate date)
  • number of streets completed (this idea is suggested elsewhere and has votes in favor, but not much followup)
  • date when X streets completed (search function)
    • and/or profile badges for certain numbers of streets completed, number of municipalities completed
  • average distance/duration/pace (this info is showed to us on our home page)

Finally, it would be cool do be able to do this on a city page as well, or create a search option that can filter by regions you are active in in the same way that you can set your home city from any region you have a run in.

Hope others feel free to leave more feedback, as this is more brainstorming features to add to the Strider list than any single idea.