More details on the sync queue

Being able to see more data about the Strava sync backlog would be interesting and probably give people an idea of how long it will take for activities to be imported. Specifically:

  1. Showing the number of activities in each of the four sections of the input queue
  2. For each of a user’s pending activities, their current place in the queue.

Hey, Adam. Welcome to CS.

There is a Wiki that talks a little about how the queue works:

I think @JamesChevalier is a bit limited by what he can do with the status page, as he said in this post that it isn’t really somethng that should be done, but he has put it up there as a starting point of background knowledge for us.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the link to the forum post. I appreciate all the work that James does on this site; I hope I didn’t come across as demanding. I just wanted to propose an idea to see if others would also find it useful. I’ve learned a lot about the Strava API from the status page (and the forum), so I’m happy that is is there.


In addition to what @jpbari said, if you click the “Click to view scheduled activities” under the Strava section on the Status page, it will show your activities that are at least in queue. Then it’s just a matter of waiting.

Guess it’s more obvious now that it is a link. In the past it just said “You have activities scheduled”, or perhaps, “You have 1 activity scheduled”, and was also a link. Didn’t notice that change until now… I just knew where to click. :slight_smile:

PS. So now that I noticed that textual change, I suspect you also found it.