More details on personal Cities pages

I love the fact that when you complete a city or town you get an email with something like:
“Congratulations, you completed Towningtonville, Your first run in Towningtonville was on January 3rd 2019 and your last run was on January 8th 2023. It took you 98 runs to complete the city”
My idea is that this information should be available in your non completed city/town page. For example, if you go to the page of a town/city that you’re working on there could be a few lines showing:
First run here was on February 9th 2017, Most recent run here was on December 9th 2022. So far you have 34 runs that have occurred within this town"

I think it would be a neat way to look at your trends for each town/city that you’re working on. I know that myself and a lot of other users sometimes will almost speed run a town/city but other times will pick away at a city for various reasons (vacationing, not great running environment etc)

And total mileage run. :smiley:


You can see most of this by expanding the stats button. It’s collapsed by default so you might’ve just missed it.



Yes! I was mentioning something similar as part of another feature I suggested. Listing the first person to complete and city and when would be nice too. Its possible the city adds streets and you go below 100% but getting credit for that initial completion should be somewhere (and not overwritten when you get it to 100% again)

Thanks Andy. Not sure how I missed that with how often I’m on citystrides

@AndyS That is super cool. I don’t know if I forgot that, or never knew it. Now I’m going to make and “efficiency spreadsheet” to see which of my completed cities (8) took the least “extra” miles to complete. In fact, that might be a cool stat to add!