More data viewable

I have a lot of runkeeper data (walk/run) in Runkeeper/City strides
Now the data in Profile is very good readable but not very compact
So for every city you have run there are three lines.
That is ok if you have not many data but i would like those three merged in one so there would fit 3 times as many cities on a page, something like this

The same mutatis mutandis for other data like the hundreds of runs/walks in profile

I can pretty easily get this down to two lines by moving the percentage amount into the progress bar itself. The library that I’m using makes it difficult to also include the city/region name within the progress bar.

I’m slightly opposed to jamming everything in as compact as possible, because of what it does to the overall design. There’s also a benefit from the system-side in having the activity list be quite large - it’s very expensive data to query, so it’s only gathering 6 items at a time. It would be very difficult to keep the same level of detail in view and display many many records at once.

I’d love to keep this conversation going, and I’d love to have other people join in. I’m guessing that this conversation might pair well with the other thread about your use of external spreadsheets.

  • What do you not have available on your profile page that you wish you had?
  • What is present on your profile page that you do not use?
  • I feel like there is an opportunity for more/better interaction with this data that I haven’t found yet.

well 2 lines instead of 3 is a relative huge change already :slight_smile:
The magnitude of things change. If you have run 10, 100, 1000 or even 10.000 or more streets you get interested in other goals.

For instance if you have run less than 5% of a city you would be typically interested in 2 decimals but if you have run 50% you would not be so interested in the decimals …

For instance off late I put Runkeeper also on if I/we am/are in a new region. Not to try to run/walk the most streets in that city but just to record that I/we have been in that city!

new possibilities on the horizon :slight_smile:

Aha, I see more cities now in one eyeblink now you have the percentage in the progress bar, fine!

I was wondering why you didn’t mention it on your changes (first page)? Or do you mention only big changes?

I still have a lot to scroll sometimes because the ordering is on percentage instead of alphabetic. A search for city would maybe handy too :slight_smile:

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I’m like 6 months behind on update announcements
:laughing: :laughing: :flushed: :laughing: :laughing:

I like the suggestion of a more interactive city list!

Oh I see, Well in dutch ‘Petje af’ sofar :slight_smile: I guess this program-life-time-hobby is costing you an awfull time really appreciate it and use it.

I use your program now not only to run streets but also to track where I have been (cities in Europe, stops etc). Something like pins on a map. So I know I will never run all streets in some far away towns but is is nice to know I have been there and … where