Missing streets--ithaca michigan

Over the past three weeks, I have completed all but one of the streets in my city. I log my runs daily on the suunto app which uploads to Strava. Can someone help me with why this is happening? Thanks! I live in Ithaca Michigan.

I can’t be of immediate help, but one thing that will help will be links to your CS profile page, and links to the activities that are in question.

This might save some time before smarter people ask for it.

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So I have figured out which streets are missing and on what days I have completed them.
1-11-21-- Completed South Elm St. as posted to Strava.
1-14-21-- completed South Nelson St., Commerce Drive, Dilts Rd.,South Catherine St. as posted to Strava.
1-15-21–completed North Elm and North Maple as posted to Strava.
1-16-21–Completed Allyson Lane as posted to Strava
1-17-21–Completed Gale Ct. as posted to Strava.
1-24-21–Completed Cedar Drive, Serenity Drive and Whispering Pines rd as posted to strava.
1-26-21–Completed Willow Dr. as posted to Strava.
By the map and streets left to be completed, that should put me at 100% complete in Ithaca. If there is something that I can do to get these updated on City Strides, please let me know. otherwise, it is in your hands. Thanks!

Some questions to help figure out what is going:

  • Do these streets exist in City Strides? If not, then you should check their properties in Open Street Map. There are too many reasons why a street is not included to explain here, so just post the results.
  • If they exist, how many nodes do they have? There is a known issue with 0 node streets that cannot be completed, which may be solved when your city is updated.
  • How many nodes does it show on the map? There is a known issue with the total number of nodes stored against a street not matching the actual number. This is also fixed if your city is updated.
  • Did you complete all the nodes? If not, and they can’t really be completed (they are on private property, on a highway, etc) then the way to go is to edit Open Street Map to reflect this, and wait for the city update to pull this in.
  • Last thing: are the activities in City Strides? If not, then you can sync them one by one from your settings page (bottom).

Mr. Weide,
Yes, they exist in city strides, as that is how I knew that I needed to complete them to complete the town. They each have multiple nodes and I have run to the end of each street as far as I can go. And the activities are not in City Strides. I will go in and try to sync them. Thank you for your help.

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