Missing streets in Bellevue, WA

In Bellevue, WA, there are a number of streets called:

  1. Tulalip Key
  2. Lopez Key
  3. Lummi Key
  4. Skagit Key
  5. Newport Key
  6. Orcas Key
  7. Sucia Key
  8. Glacier Key
  9. Vashon Key
  10. Tatoosh Key
  11. Cascade Key
  12. Columbia Key
  13. Crescent Key
  14. Chelan Key
  15. Decatur Key

which are within city borders and not private streets. Only one very small one of these streets, Decatur Key, is listed as a street, but all the others aren’t showing up.

I’m not too familiar with OSM yet, but it looks like these streets aren’t marked as “Foot”, so I had a stab at making updates just now. See Changeset: 146921214 | OpenStreetMap.

Would this fix the issue? When would the OSM data get synchronized?

FWIW, the top 4 striders in Bellevue, WA, have already covered these streets.


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I think your changes will resolve this issue and they will be added to CityStrides in the next update. Cities in my area (Los Angeles) tend to update every 1-2 weeks.

What’s tricky is that it looks like those streets were tagged foot=no when the sidewalks were added. See the history of this way, especially the changes between version #3 and version #5.

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Yes, that’s a bit tricky, not so common to enter all sidewalks like that!
But one way to look at it is that even if there are sidewalks along the street, it’s probably not forbidden to walk on the street, just not encouraged…
Another is to set access foot=use_sidepath, those streets are imported to CS, I’ve used that when there is separated foot/cycleway next to the street

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Yes, I think that’s the best way to resolve this. They’re public streets without pedestrian restrictions, so they should be on CityStrides.