Missing nodes?

I just completed a run and I noticed that certain streets appear to be missing in Citystrides or are much shorter than in reality. Examples:

For some I think I know what happened: the road and accompanying bicycle path have been modelled separately in OSM, with the street not open to bicyles or pedestrians. And Citystrides does have data for (bicycle) paths, so it is missing, even though it is perfectly runnable. Probably more of an OSM issue though.
However, for the Naarderstraatweg I have no clue. It looks to me like it should be there?

It’s possible that Naarderstraatweg wasn’t tagged properly at the time of the import ( Overpass Street Query ).

Another possibility, relating to the “part of a street is a bike path” issue, is that if the bike path portion of the street is not named the same as the street, then it will exist in CityStrides as a separate street (assuming that it’s tagged in a way that will allow it to import).
Basically, OSM doesn’t have “streets” it only has “segments” - so during my import I have to collect all of the individual segments and group them into a single street record. I do this based on the name tag. (This is also why there are sometimes two streets in one city with the same name, existing in CityStrides as a single street record)

I am assuming that highway = cycleway means it is not imported?

It’s ['highway' !~ 'cycleway'] in my query, which in English means “Ignore highway type cycleway” :+1: