Missing Activities - Map My Walk

Is Map My Walk also having issues? I am missing activity from Friday October 4th and Today, October 7th.

Both workouts still appear in my MapMyWalk app.

I didn’t think there were any issues with that service, but I’ve heard a few complaints … So now I’m wondering if anything is wrong.

Any other MapMyFitness users out there missing activities?

I’m missing a MapMyFitness walk from October 6, but wasn’t sure if it was related to the backlog of re processing.

I am still missing all activities since Oct 2 and use MapMyFitness. However, it looks like I can now see all of my cities that I’ve run in. Thanks James.

I’m missing MapMyRun activities from 10/5 and 10/6.

I am missing my October MapMyRun runs.

It’s showing up now!

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Mine is showing now too. Thanks

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My runs have not synced since the October 1 run. I use Map my Run. User number 1752.

Ugh. Yup. Just confirmed that I haven’t been receiving their webhooks for some time now:

That’s good, though, because I don’t have much going on right now. :roll_eyes: :confounded:

woooaaahhhh ok … and we’re back?

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Mine caught up, thanks!

Still not updated.

My run today synced, but my run from Oct 6th has not synced yet.

My towns and runs have not been updated for two weeks.

My runs Oct 5 and 6 never showed up. Did everyone else catch up eventually?

no, mine started to sync again but not from the time that the connection was down. I had two runs during that time that never showed up.