Middletown Press: North Branford runner "addicted," finishes all of Branford's 536 streets as part of CityStrides

From The Middletown Press of Middletown, Connecticut (USA)


SHORELINE — Pawson Park, Damien, Berry Patch, Crouch and Sagamore Cove Roads, Kellie Boni has run all these streets in Branford and more.

On Saturday, April 24 this intrepid runner ran 1/4 mile on Rock Street and officially finished running Branford’s 536 streets.

“It was cool, actually,” says the 52-year-old, talking on her cell phone as she began tackling the streets of Durham.

“I felt like a real sense of accomplishment, but I almost felt like a sense of loss,” says the North Branford resident. “There was nothing more for me to plan.”