Mark street as private

I’m sure someone has already suggested this but it would be ideal to be able to mark a street as private and therefore not count toward the % of the city. I have several gated communities, private lanes, no trespassing that prevent getting 100% in a city.


CityStrides gets its data from OpenStreetMap. The solution is to sign up for OSM and edit streets changing their access to private. When CS next updates the city from OSM, it’ll pull in your update and remove those private streets. You can see the last time a city was updated by looking at the date at the top right of a city page.

Here is some info on how to edit OSM:

Cool. Got it.

Danny, OSM is pretty easy to pickup, and a bit addictive. Also, since there’s usually some part of private street, that is still public, like up to the gate, it means Striders can still get credit for the street.

Hey all,

I have an identical situation in Białołęka (nested in Warszawa). A bunch of streets (Corellego, Domenica Scarlattiego, Rossiniego, etc.), all with gates and intercoms. I did change the access of those streets to “private” in OSM. On 25 December this was synced into CityStrides (or so I assume, considering the streets are “greyish” now). The nodes however are still there - and I’m trying to understand why. Should I wait longer? Did I do something wrong in OSM? (They said it was done correctly on the OSM forum.)

Anybody who knows without @mentioning Da Boss? :slight_smile:

The map display is handled by Mapbox. The nodes and text data throughout the site is handled by me.

It’s possible that the city update happened before the data made its way into the Overpass servers I query. It’s fairly common for them to get about a day behind.

It’s also possible for there to be issues in that service where one/some servers lag behind by much more. This can result in slower updates in CityStrides, or in some cases it can update via one of their servers to something new … and then later update again via one of their lagging servers to something old.

Waiting (and messaging here in the forum, in case it’s an issue I can do something about) is almost always the answer.

Probably not. If you want to double check anything, share links - both CityStrides pages and OSM pages - and explain before/after/details. There are many people here who are very good with OSM who can help out. Links are suuuuuuuuuuper important, though.

I’ll give it a bit of time - who knows. It isn’t anything that needs urgent fixing. Over and out for now!

It’s nice to go from 10.09% to 11.19% without moving your *** from the sofa!

How often does City Strides get updates from Openstreet Map? I know it shows the last time a city was updated but I can’t figure out the frequency. Is it based on the popularity of a location? I live on St Thomas USVI, does that make a difference? The last update was December 28.

Normally 1-2 weeks between