"Mark as manually incomplete" button

Problem: Users want a mechanism for self-accountability and to help them track what streets they have and have not done. CityStrides considers a street completed by counting % of nodes, but GPS drift/inaccuracy can result in the actually run street being incomplete or conversely, a nearby street being completed when it was not actually run. Some users, such as myself, manually correct GPS trace before uploading to CityStrides, but this is time consuming and tedious. The “Mark as manually complete” button allows users to correct for the former issue, but there is no remedy for the latter other than manual correction. Even so, because of the node radius, sometimes a street is marked complete due to proximity of its nodes to another street - even in hard mode.

Proposal: Add a button to a completed road page that allows a user to mark the road as manually incomplete. Doing so should make the road appear in the Incomplete tab on a user’s City page, remove it from their completed street count, and the nodes of the street appear red when using Node Hunter* (*unless sharing a node with another completed street…need to think through the practical aspect of this). There can be a page of manually incomplete streets with the date marked for tracking purposes.

In future activities (after the date marked manually incomplete), any activity that completes a node of a manually incomplete street will prompt the user (via notification?) to review if the street should be completed. Additionally, a user can always remove their own manually incomplete streets from the page (“Unmark as manually incomplete”).

Benefits: Should be compatible with current CityStrides system, ie shouldn’t require any radically new code other than another page; Easy to use self-accountability mechanism for users interested in tracking their true street count; Could synergize with another idea I will propose soon about peer reviewing of completed cities - stay tuned :nerd_face:

Example from an activity yesterday: I ran Rua Comandante Sacadura Cabral, but got credit for Praceta da Concórdia very close nearby, which I clearly did not run. I would also get credit for it if I had Hard Mode enabled (I do not). If the proposed button were created, I could press “Go” on the street from the activity in the screenshot and mark it manually incomplete.

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I can understand what you are going for, but I see an issue with it: how would City Strides know when to unset “Manually incomplete”? All the nodes are already completed, and this was apparently not reflecting a street that was really run, so running those nodes again should not make the street complete. So marking it incomplete would mean it stays like that until manually removed again.

I did address this, perhaps you didn’t see:

Basically, once a road is marked manually incomplete, it must be manually unmarked; but based on CityStrides’ node-based detection, there should ways of triggering a prompt to do so.

I have had a few roads marked complete that weren’t. Honestly I just visually scan for those and make sure to just go grab them. Is there a way to fix my GPS tracks that are messed up? What is a good tool for that? I have like 4-5 runs with some bad drift and dont really want to go back to run those if I can avoid it…

I totally get your first point, and that’s why I’m mostly presenting this as an optional self-accountability mechanism. Think of it as a companion to Hard Mode because it is another tool to adjust your algorithmically-generated street count towards what is your true street count.

Regarding the latter (fixing GPS tracks), see a couple options (web-based or application-based) here: Manually Drawing a Run (but not necessarily a Route) - #2 by kevincharlespels