Marina del Rey California

This small community in California does show up in the cities list. Too small?

Is this it? Relation: ‪Marina del Rey‬ (‪10845310‬) | OpenStreetMap
It’s set to admin_level 9, which is generally a level lower than what constitutes a “city”. I don’t automatically bring these in, because they’re generally too small and conflict with other data, but I can do one-off imports for situations like this.

I thought it looked nested in LA, but it’s actually cut out of LA. Cool. It’s awesome when city borders make logical sense. Love it. :rofl: :sob:

Semi-related - I took a look through some of the existing nested cities in LA, and it looks like they’ve all(?) been removed from OpenStreetMap. For example, Relation: 10848250 | OpenStreetMap corresponds with Beverlywood, California - CityStrides in CityStrides.
This likely means that I’ll be removing all the nested cities in LA at point :sweat_smile: :confounded: