MapMyRide "road cycling" activity on my LifeMap

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Hello! I took a bike ride the other day that got imported into my CityStrides account. I used the MapMyRide iPhone app to record it, and in the past those bike rides haven’t been imported. I liked that! I’d like to keep bike rides off this map. Did I change a setting accidentally? Did MapMyFitness change something? Here’s the activity:

Cycling should not be imported into CityStrides - only running/walking/hiking are allowed in, and that list hasn’t (purposefully) been updated.
Is the activity categorized as a ride in MapMyFitness?
I’ll look into it as soon as I have the time.

Thanks! It’s showing up as a bike ride in the MapMyFitness app (screenshot attached, I think) but it’s in CityStrides anyway. I haven’t edited anything on the MapMyFitness activity.

Thanks for sharing all this! It looks like, in my latest release where I rebuilt a lot of the sync code, I accidentally allowed non-run/walk/hike activities in.
I’ll get that fix released sometime tonight, and then I’ll remove all the non-run/walk/hike activities … You don’t have to take any action, it’ll automatically be removed & your stats will update.