Map update but now 100% of street required

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Thank you as always James! CityStrides has been pure entertainment for a couple of years now and I achieved 100% of Seattle last year. And yes as the maps update, i occasionally have to go do a bit of node hunting. :smile: I am not yet quite ready to turn on hard mode but I am close.

Could you explain why some streets when they are updating are not adhering to the 90% = completed rule? Did that change?

There was a map update last week. I have one street that is not complete in Seattle and just requires 1 node to complete. With that one node NOT complete, I am at 99.25% complete for that street. I had one other street and just went and completed it and it was the same issue. Here is that activity: PuddleThumper's activity on February 21, 2023 - CityStrides


thanks again!

None of the underlying rules changed. There were some issues with the city update process around then. I expect the next update to clear that up for you … I’ll queue that up now.
Let me know how things look after the date on the city page is updated.

Thanks James! That fixed my random street. But with the update, I see that my husband is having issues with some streets that show no red nodes and are listed as 100% complete but still show as incomplete. He is not (currently) a subscriber. Does that play into it?

Also with these issues going on, is it best just to wait for next map update or can we trigger this or?

Sorry it’s such a pain!

No, being a subscriber or not doesn’t play a role in your stats.
A quick spot-check suggests those 5 streets might actually be incomplete. I see some gaps in the LifeMap/node comparison. Would you be able to pick one out of the list that is showing up as fully completed in his view?

Sure! Not sure how to link just the street. So trying this:

And this is a street where another friend has the same thing happening.

another one.

Yeah, looks like that Dormouse account has completed 67 of the 75 nodes for Alaskan Way. So that’s correctly marked incomplete.
Delridge Way Southwest, though - they’re 301 out of 313, so that should be marked as complete :thinking:

Ah - I (think I) see - these cities that were affected by my botched update code … Re-running the city update won’t automatically fix those inaccurately marked streets unless the streets were since updated in OSM. I’ll just need to queue a recalculation for those cities/streets.

If I’m correct, then those 4 incomplete streets are legitimately incomplete.

i had forgotten that bringing up dormouse’s lifemap in the activities page, shows MY nodes. oops.

But that does make sense that the botched update code update would affect that. thanks for looking into it!