Map problem with imported activity

While exploring some new areas to run I realized that my lifemap was missing a run from 2017.

Lifemap: Lifemap (look at the big park in the view’s center)

It turns out that the activity was actually imported: but it’s not complete! The track is cut short, as you can see in:

Looks like something went wrong that made the Citystrides activity track to be cut and not be included in the lifemap.

I’m not sure if there are more activities from my history that might be wrong also (I stopped syncing from Strava and switched to Garmin, but I never ran Garmin’s full history import for fear of getting duplicated activies).

I’m going to compare my map with the Citystrides’ lifemap and see if I can spot some more differences.

Yeah, that’s weird … easiest way for me to handle it is to delete it and re-sync your account. I’ll do that now.
There’s a massive queue for slow jobs (deleting stuff goes in there) so this is going to take some time (hours?). While it goes through the queue, the activity will remain on the site. I’ll check back & run the sync after I see it’s gone.

Update: The activity is deleted & I’ve started a sync

Sounds good. Thanks a lot!

Not sure if the activities are processed in chronological order or not, but I just looked at my profile and noticed that the problematic activity from June 2, 2017 seems to have been skipped.

To be sure I understand - the activity has not synchronized from Strava & does not exist in CityStrides yet?

The activity has not been imported. If you go to: Pedro Navarro - CityStrides (page 106) you’ll see that there is an activity in June 1 and June 3 but not June 2. Looks like the importer detected the error and skipped it?

Oh, I see. You have your Strava connection paused. No activities will come through that service while it’s paused.
Garmin doesn’t do full syncs like other services because of their infrastructure.

You’ll have to go into your settings page and do a single-activity sync through Garmin by entering its date. That should come through pretty quickly, though.

Ah, ok. I paused Strava after the initial sync of all activities back in the day and I assumed that Garmin would take over (which it has for all new activities since then). I’ll try with that single activity.

Since I don’t know if all my history was imported through Strava, would it be ok to trigger a Garmin history sync? Would that generate duplicate activities?

Thanks for the help!